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Carlos Vergara. Nowhere to sit

In the work Nowhere to Sit three pigment prints are layered on top of each other. Cut out shapes of what appeared to be chairs are superimposed, leaving behind evidence of the juxtaposition of its layers. Chairs are objects which functionality relates directly to the human body, acting as prosthesis and therefore extensions of it.
Red Carpet Art Award Showroom Volkstheater
Red Carpet Art Award Showroom Volkstheater

By working with the negative space left by the exclusion of these objects, their shape is inverted and given form by the void. The resulting image references and attempts to deals with the deprivation of space in relation to the human body. Both in contrast and in relation to the assemblage on the wall, two red monoblock chairs— or fragments of their former selves—lie beneath, seemingly suspended in a timeless instance and slowly sinking into the sand. These chairs appear as relics of past moments, which only materialize into shape through delicate fragments in space.

Exhibition: Carlos Vergara. Nowhere to sit presented by Les Nouveaux Riches
Exhibition duration: 16.08.2023 – 29.08.2023
On view: Red Carpet Art Award Showroom Volkstheater (U3 metro station Volkstheater > exit Museumsquartier). More Information:

LNR interview with Carlos Vergara

Carlos Vergara –

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