Even if there is the will to bring about a sustainable society, the political and individual scope for action nonetheless has its limits. The oscillation between power and powerlessness that results from this is shaping philosophical, ethical-moral, and spiritual discourses and raises questions that occupy many individuals.

In their artistic work, Karina Mendreczky and Katalin Kortmann Járay take up animist motifs and conceptual worlds. Animism is based on the belief that all elements in nature, both living creatures and inanimate objects have a spiritual essence. While animist thought has always been a central component of many indigenous religions, it is also currently being given new attention in Western societies: as a relationship to the world that emphasizes the mutual interdependency of all things, that regards the boundaries between species, between oneself and the world as fluid. Since with the environmentally destructive lifestyles of the present, a relationship to the world that is based on differentiation, objectification, and hierarchization becomes questionable.

Oasis is a subtly composed, extensive installation of sculptures, photographs, printed textiles, and drawings that is supplemented with a sound component. In it, Mendreczky (*1988 in Budapest, Hungary) and Kortmann Járay (*1986 Budapest, Hungary) take up both spiritual narratives and personal family histories and translate them into unusual pictures and objects that seem alien and familiar to us at the same time. Besides set pieces from nature like shells and sand, the space is populated with hybrid creatures with human traits and plant characteristics or that represent a merging of animal and object. They are free interpretations of elements and motifs from old fairy tales and myths. There are also spiritual-religious symbols such as the pomegranate, date palms, or folded hands, as well as historical photographs from family albums in which a particular aura is inherent. Female figures are positioned in various places in the space and sustain the mystical scenery. As a whole, the objects form a magical-seeming, fairytale-like arrangement, a sort of surreal cabinet of curiosities that evokes the interconnectedness of all beings.

Exhibition: Karina Mendreczky & Katalin Kortmann Járay. Oasis
Exhibition duration: 23.02. – 07.05.2023

Location: MQ Salon, MuseumQuartier Vienna

Ausstellung: Sarah Bechter "Serving Sentiment"

Malerei und suggestive Präsenz stehen im Zentrum von Sarah Bechters Praxis. Melancholisch-poetisch und nicht ohne einen gewissen Humor hinterfragen ihre Gemälde die Bedingungen ihrer eigenen Produktion.

RAHEL she/her Musiker/in/Band

He, nur da (mit du’s weißt): Das Patriarchat ist eine einzige toxische Beziehung! RAHELS neuer Song lädt uns ein, da mal kollektiv drauf zu pfeifen und liefert gleich den passenden Ohrwurm.

© Eglė Budvytytė, Liquid Power has no Shame, 2017, Video-Performance, Lofoten International Art Festival, Video Still

Mit der Gruppenausstellung Matrix Bodies begibt sich der Kunstraum auf einen Trip durch die Mikroebenen unseres planetaren Ökosystems. Der Ausgangspunkt: die geheime Zone der Virosphäre.

Taken time, 2022, acrylic_canvas, 50_50cm, from series Another side

Anzhelika Palyvoda – Ukrainian visual artist born in 2000 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Currently based in Vienna. Graduated from the National Academy of Fine art and Architecture, MA monumental painting.

Interview with Beth Frey

Beth Frey divides her time between Montreal and Mexico City. With a formal background in painting and drawing, Frey’s practice has expanded into video performance, sculpture, and installation.

Neuer Kunstverein Wien, 1030 Wien / © Neuer Kunstverein Wien -

Eine neue spannende Location für die PARALLEL EDITIONS. Die Kunstmesse findet in Kooperation mit dem Neuen Kunstverein Wien in einem ehemaligen großen Autohaus statt.

lindsay dawn artist

Lindsay Dawn is a Canadian contemporary artist, working primarily with paint in a figurative style that she combines with renditions of street art and surrealism. Self taught, with a deep sense of wanderlust.

Interview Amina-Toure

Amina-Toure is a Ghanaia-born and raised figurative painter who currently lives and works in Columbus, Ohio in the United States. She has an MFA in Painting and Drawing from Ohio University.

SBEKTRUM. Zentrum für Kultur & Begegnung

Von 28. Februar bis 20. März 2023 findet ein Publikumsvoting für den Wettbewerb „Creatives for Vienna – Making Spaces“ statt. Wir bitten euch, für unsere Einreichung SBEKTRUM zu stimmen.

Fátima de Juan

Voluptuous girls with strongly-marked features and sharp nails, and warriors, accompanied by fruits, swords, or crocodiles are some of the elements that make up the iconic image of Fátima de Juan.

Portrait of Numero Cromatico in front of their project space in via dei Volsci 165 - Rome, photographed by Serena Eller Vainicher, 2022

To share theory is as important as sharing art, to work as a collective is not only a necessity but actually the only possible way. The research they embrace belongs to the line of Futurism.

David Osthoff – Outlight

In der Ausstellung thematisiert der David Osthoff das gegenwärtige Verhältnis des Menschen zu Technologie und Natur als Paradigma der Wahrnehmung und Ursache ökologischer Krisen.

Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair

Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair will take place at Atelierhaus Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien between May 26-28, 2023. Fanzineist will meet you both physically and online.

Kateryna Lysovenko, Good Shepherd, from the series Substitution, 2020 | Molly Route, Sunflower, 2022 | Grafprom, With Ukraine In The Heart, 2022 | Kristina Kapeljuh, So Good You’re Back, 2022

Bags with six different artistic subjects were created in cooperation with Ukrainian artists. As a thank you for every donation of 20 EUR or more, donors will receive their favorite bag(s).

SPECULATIVE SPECULUM kuratiert von Livia Klein & Kai Philip Trausenegger

Die Ausstellung, kuratiert von Livia Klein & Kai Philip Trausenegger, ist ein fingiertes Traumszenario, innerhalb dessen die Überwindung des Kapitalismus als Bühne für utopische Ausblicke dient.

Daniel M.E.Schaal

In his exhibition „Ex: Re: Trans“ at CRAMA Berlin, Daniel M. E. Schaal contextualizes works from his repertoire as well as new works from 2023. Considering his background in theater studies.


Auf einer szenografischen Skulptur bewegen sich die Performerinnen inspiriert von minimalen Bewegungen des Schmelzens: sanfte Erschütterungen, Verschiebungen, winzige Risse, Absinken und Fallen.

Paulina Semkowic. Photo: Stefan Pani

Paulina Semkowicz is a Polish painter currently based in Vienna. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków where she studied painting and set design. Since moving to Vienna in 2014.

Interview. Seung-Yeon Jung

Seung-Yeon Jung is a Korean artist, working in painting, performance, and installation work, exploring themes such as identity and the ecology of inter- and intra-personal bound in a community.