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CTM Festival. Transformation

Trans/local Performances Explore Remote Collaboration, Club Qu x CTM Virtual Club Night, Commissioned Works, Discourse Programme and more the nearly complete CTM 2021 lineup is now confirmed.

As the pandemic changes our means and understanding of connection, CTM 2021 »Transformation« aims to respond to some of the challenges facing arts and culture in these exceptional times. Taking place during an intensified winter lockdown period, this 100% online edition is an attempt to experiment with new digital formats, see how we can continue to support ongoing artistic work, and find moments of interaction and togetherness as a remote music community and audience. Our 22nd edition comprises two virtual club nights, each of which approach the challenges of filling the void of listening to music and partying together in different ways. A series of trans/local commissions task artists with envisioning new ways of creating and performing remotely, be this through new technological innovation, narrative solutions, or other explorations. Further performances are shot with special 360° HD cameras that allow for experimentation with staging and scenography. and multiple online apps and tools that allow engagement with artists and each other can be tested throughout the programme.

Previously announced, the CTM Cyberia virtual environment and online exhibition hall allows for multiplayer exploration, and the MusicMakers Hacklab seeks solutions to online collaboration throughout the festival week. We hope that opening our digital doors allows for more distributed access that can only strengthen our sense of community. Let’s chart the unknown and find togetherness in transformation.

Third Wave of Confirmed Artists: Aida Baghernejad [DE], Alexander G. Weheliye [DE/US], Amigdala [US/CL], AM Kanngieser & Zoe Todd [AU/CA], Arieshandmodel [MX], Ben Trott [UK/DE], Betty Apple [TW], Born in Flamez x Muxxxe feat. Lilly Pfalzer and Ronald Berger [INT], Caroline Busta [US/DE], Christina Wheeler [US/DE], Cuntroaches [DE], Damien Charrieras [FR/HK], Dana Gingras, Sonya Stefan & Tot Onyx [INT], EPX x ERAM feat. SASKIA [BR], DORMANTYOUTH [ZA], Edna Bonhomme [US/DE], Ewa Majewska [PL], HDMIRROR [ZA/DE], Isabel Lewis & Loraine James [INT], ISAbella [CO/ES], Jason Edward Lewis [US/CA], Jean-Hugues Kabuiku [FR], John Willsteed [AU], Keiji Haino & The Observatory [SG/JP], Leila Adu-Gilmore [INT], Lil Internet [US/DE], Lisa Blanning [US/DE], Lisa Rovner [UK], Mark Fell, Jim O’Rourke, Rian Treanor, and Petronn Sphene feat. Limpe Fuchs [INT], Matana Roberts [US], Maya Indira Ganesh [IN/DE], meLê yamomo [INT], Oramics [PL], Oscar Nñ [US], Riar Rizaldi [ID/HK], Ruxandra Trandafoiu [RO/UK], Sabelo Mhlambi [US], Sara Ross [CA], Sean Nicholas Savage [CA], Sébastien Darchen [FR/AU], Stéphane Sadoux [FR], Tiara Roxanne [US/DE], Trevor McFedries [US], Tom Richards & Frances Scott [UK], Ultraflex [NO/IS], Y-DRA [ID], Zoë Mc Pherson [INT]

Festival for adventurous music & art, Berlin pandemic edition – 3rd programme announcement. Online programme 19–31 January 2021, plus hybrid events in the second half of the year.

The full programme schedule is now live on the festival website.