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Spot the dot. Faster Than Skin cancer

The Vienna based NGO Spot the Dot started a new skin cancer awareness campaign. Because you should protect your skin and spot your dots in every season of the year, pandemic or no pandemic.

Face masks, panic buying, lockdown – the Corona pandemic is affecting our day-to-day life. Instead of long-distance trips, outdoor activities are currently very popular. Many of us still want to enjoy the last rays of sunshine and boost our vitamin D production. The outdoor activities are as diverse as we are: meeting friends for a walk, going for a run or dedicating ourselves to winter sports. Nevertheless, even in the cold season we must not underestimate the power of the sun and we have to think about sun protection and self-exams of the skin.

Spot the Dot wants to remind you that checking your skin is important in every season of the year. They do so by working with over 30 ambassadors from all over the world, including athletes, skin cancer patients and medical experts.

What you can do to support this cause: Start a conversation with your loved ones and ask them if they do regular skin checks. And score some good karma points by following and sharing the campaign via: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

All these ambassadors share how they aim to be Faster Than Skin cancer on