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Hallgrímur Árnason. fehlerhaft

Hallgrímur Árnason, born in 1988 in Reykjavík, is an Icelandic artist based in Vienna. fehlerhaft [koetlʏð] is his first solo exhibition in Austria.
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The format and the idea of the exhibition fehlerhaft [koetlʏð], which is conceptualized and executed by the Viennese art collective, is not only to present this body of work of Hallgrímur’s but also to explore and experiment with the multi-dimensionality of paintings as a phenomenon by constructing new perspectives of experience through experimental space manipulation and with the help of additional tools and media.

Hallgrímur’s action-driven abstract works, loaded with energy and life, have a tendency to subtly lose their abstraction to him, somewhere along the process. Visions of figurations and meaning slowly reveal themselves on the canvas, hidden within an interpretation of color, texture, form, and the (im)balance of chaos and order that compose his paintings. These appearances spark conversations within the artist which often lead to titles. Neither too revealing nor direct, the titles, serve only as an invitation and an entrance into the abstraction, sparking the viewers curiosity and imagination as well as the personal interaction between viewer and painting, where everything can, and should, happen.

Graphic Design is by Unconcious Productions (Michael Mayr)
Graphic Design is by Unconcious Productions (Michael Mayr)

Having primarily focused on the three-dimensional art of architecture and industrial design, Hallgrímur took the step from three to two dimensions only shortly before returning to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 2020, where he most recently studied under the guidance of Daniel Richter.

Special Guests of fehlerhaft [koetlʏð] are two artists with separate performances: Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir, will present her new performance, Liquid, at 16:00 and 18:00 on the 12th of Feb, together with Julia Müllner. Marco Kleebauer will perform and premiere a new concept of his, Calculated Music, at 20:00 on the 16th of Feb, exploring the relationship between numbers and music through experimental musical calculations.

Exhibition duration: 11th till the 17th of February, daily from 17:00-21:00 (with the exception of the 12th when Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir will perform at 16:00)

The exhibition is held at Brick-15, Herklotzgasse 21, 1150 Vienna –

Hallgrímur Árnason –