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Interview. Seung-Yeon Jung

Seung-Yeon Jung is a Korean artist, working in painting, performance, and installation work, exploring themes such as identity and the ecology of inter- and intra-personal bound in a community. In 2016 she moved to Berlin, where her artistic investigations began. She then studied at HBKsaar in Saarbrücken from 2018 to 2019 and is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna.
Artist Seung-Yeon Jung
Artist Seung-Yeon Jung

What subjects inspire you?
I’m inspired by the people that surround me and the spaces and situations we inhabit and cohabit. Together we form an ever-changing ecology. I want to investigate how my struggles as a Korean foreigner in Europe have changed me, both in the short term, but also in the long run, good and bad. In this sense, my art is a liberation from these struggles as it allows me to regain self-agency by reshaping and reconstructing my experiences on my own terms. 

How do you work?
Most of my work begins with a real-life experience of mine. I try to imagine the formative elements of the experience in abstract forms and colours. In dealing with my thoughts, I seek to retain their natural complexity by mixing different media, techniques, and styles in any single work. Only then can I free the art from its cultural and historical molds and make it my own. I’m interested in the fluidity of forms, where a painting can become an object or even be developed into a performance and so on. 

Who or what is the cute figure with the big head? What does it stand for you? Does it also have a name? 
I see it as a vessel for the audience to enter into the world of the painting. That’s why it’s portrayed as genderless and anonymous. It serves also as a reminder that the abstractions of the art are not mere aestheticism, but rather the expression of my experience.  

Travel to outside of society 162*190cm, oil on canvas
Travel to outside of society, 2022, Oil on canvas, 162x190cm

What feelings do you have while painting?
When I’m painting I feel very enthusiastic and energetic. My paintings develop with the development of my thoughts. it keeps me curious about where it’s going to end up and after finishing work I feel fresh like I’ve just solved a problem.

How do you develop your art skills?
I try to always employ a diverse set of materials. I like the process of struggling with new material. It gives me new insights into the work. Exchanging thoughts and techniques with other artists is very important to me. It keeps me on my toes. I don’t want my art to stand still, it should always be evolving. 

Artist Seung-Yeon Jung
Introverted peacock, 2022, Mixed media

What’s your work day like?
I try to be as time-efficient as possible. I like to work very fast, although currently, I’m working with Epoxy resin which takes 1 day to dry, so when I arrive at the studio, I check if it’s dried well and then begin painting, before pouring resin again at the end. 

Hwiuung, 2023, Oil on canvas, 60x90cm

What are your plans for 2023?
Right now, I’m working on a series of objects that I plan to eventually grow into a large-scale installation. So far the objects have been made of clay, but I intend to add ceramic into the mix. More generally I want to deepen my understanding of everything that pertains to my work, from the materials I use to the people and places that inspire me. I also just want to meet more inspiring artists and broaden my horizons as much as I can. 

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