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Keyframe. Digital Art exhibition

Keyframe is a digital Art exhibition in Vienna. The exhibition takes place from the 31st of March to 2nd April 2022. 36 different artists will be exhibiting animated artworks, which will be shown on really big screens.

The selected artists are from countries like Spain, USA, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, UK, Honk Kong and France. The artworks are about the exhibition theme „Creative Blackout — New Impressions“. — Sometimes our ideas are completely vanished — at least temporarily. Then there is a phase between the blackout and a new idea. What does this process look like for different artists? The way in which they implemented the exhibition theme and if they wanted to use sound or not was up to them. Keyframe takes place in the Alte Schieberkammer on two floors and 300 m2 in the 15th district of Vienna.

Exhibition Date: 31.03. — 02.04.2022
Location: Alte Schieberkammer, Meiselstraße 16-20, 1150 Vienna

Artists names: Aitana Basquiat, Andrew McDermott, Annija Ceska, Antek Kwiatkowski, Artur Gadzhiev, Carol Fung, Champ, Chloe Karayiannis, Chloé Vaselli, Coins, Daniel Gascon, Elena Charobay, Ella Bella, Ergon Creative, Gabriel Massan, Giovanni, Hardmetacore, Ida Lissner, Jason Ebeyer, Julia Winkler, Kristýna Sidlárová, Lucas Hearl, Ludwig Wandinger, Maciej Waleszczyk, Marcel Kohlr, Matteo Pizzo, Maximillian Prag, Nikita Savinov, Opsystemz, Pol,Roger Kilimanjaro, Sarah Ann Banks Serotines, Simon Rajchl, Winona Hudec and Zoe Guggenbichler.

Keyframe was created as part of a diploma project at the Graphische and was organized by 2 students (Ella Bella Guggenbichler and Nina Weinzettl) in the final year of the multimedia and photography class. This project was run with a lot of love and dedication to the resulting works.

Keyframe — Digital Art Exhibition Vienna: