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LNR Exhibition. Ausbruch

Changed circumstances, limited resources, lost routines – those things have characterized the last weeks, yes, the last month. And yet despite all restrictions and obstacles, there was no standstill.

Yes, some movements may have slowed down and some workflows may have become a bit rusty (or new ones may not have been quite perfected yet). But a standstill? No.

AUSBRUCH is breaking free, breathing in, reuniting, perceiving, experiencing. AUSBRUCH is the celebration of creativity in the face of adversity. Works created since March 2020 are shown.

Exhibited artists are: Anna Pelz, Valentino Skarwan, Alina Sokolova, Sarah Steiner Christian Bazant-Hegemark, Natalia Gurova, Markus Ender, Reihaneh Hosseini.

Curated by Laura Stöckler, Daniel Lichterwaldt, and Katharina Herzog.

Les Nouveaux Riches is a platform that aims to connect art lovers, artists, and galleries – whether aspiring or established – and to create space for exchange, dialogue, and inspiration.

Dates: From 21th May till 29th May
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Address and Contact:
Improper Walls
Reindorfgasse 42, 1150 Wien

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