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LNR presents Federico Vecchi

Les Nouveaux Riches presents for the edition of The Others 2021 the Italian artist Federico Vecchi. The sculptor and painter studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna in Italy and lives since 10 years in Vienna, Austria.

He worked there as assistant of many international artist such as Hermann Nitsch, Erwin Wurm and Daniel Spoerri. Those prolific experiences has produced a gradually and reciprocally contamination of the painting with the sculpture like it evidently appears in the recent sculptures series Formaunica. The series start with the alteration of the classic casting mould technique, the negative forms are created from by-products of daily consumption of the artist itself that leaves and indirect imprint in the formation of the sculptures creating an aesthetical metabolization of everyday life. The imprint and negative theme which appears in the sculptures it is also evident in the paintings where overlappings, maskings and erasures often leaves just a trace of the passing by painting. That means that the technique disown the gesture to counterfeit the sign. This complex technique deceive the viewer´s eye simulating sometimes digital graphic effects and puts itself in a close dialogue with the sculpture provoking an aesthetical and conceptual cohesion with both media.

Les Nouveaux Riches is a Vienna based association for contemporary art and culture that since 2019 is promoting contemporary art and culture. On the platform are constantly published articles and interviews about national and international artists, many different collaborations are also realized as well as the organization of cultural events. Les Nouveaux Riches is also a free magazine that gives to young emerging artists and creatives an additional opportunity to present themselves to a wider audience. Further, collaborations with other actors of the cultural scene are realised and exhibits were curated and cultural events organized.

This project is realized with the kind cooperation of Cultural Austrian Forum of Milan. To get to know more about the artist Federico Vecchi visit his website: www.federicovecchi.com

The Others Art fair November 4-7, 2021

The Others is the main Italian fair dedicated to emerging national and international art, created to enhance new creative energies through a unique exhibition system, aimed at rediscovering and give new life to abandoned places of Turin. A model that rejects the rules of traditional fairs to encourage a more direct and immediate dialogue between artistic proposals and the different audiences that follow the Italian and international art scene.

Dates: 4 – 7 November, 2021
Opening hours: Thursday, November 04 | 04.00pm – 11.00pm; Friday, November 05 | 04.00pm – 11.00pm Saturday; November 06 | 04.00pm – 11.00pm Sunday; November 07 | 11.00am – 08.00pm

Address and contact:
The Others Art Fair
Via Francesco Petrarca, 39b
10126 Torino TO, Italy