Giacomo Modolo. Blaze

On the occasion of the Turin art week, CRAG Gallery presents BLAZE, a personal exhibition by the artist Giacomo Modolo. The exhibition was born from a new pictorial cycle of the young artist.

Performer Luca Tomasoni, inauguration day. Performance written by: Umberto Chiodi & Matteo Levaggi. Ph: Alex Iosub

On the occasion of the Art Week the Osservatorio Futura presented „MOONBOW – Over The Rainbow“, a solo exhibition by Umberto Chiodi and a performance written with Matteo Levaggi.

The Others Art fair November 4-7, 2021

Les Nouveaux Riches presents for the edition of The Others 2021 the Italian artist Federico Vecchi. The sculptor and painter studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna in Italy.