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A dominating motive and reoccurring theme in Fabienne Meyer's (aka Bings) work is using the unexpected to create tension. Playing with the viewers expectations, Bings broaches the issue of everyday moments paired with distorted items of her imagination.

Without focusing on details and facial expressions, she zooms in on gestures in her vivid colored portraits. In recent years, longing has been an omnipresent theme in society, which Bings also reflects in her work. The longing for exploring other cultures and surroundings or physical touches are processed in large-format oil paintings and small oil sketches and become the subject of her development.

In this way, the line between reality, dream and desire becomes blurred – and everyday moments are mixed with figurative dream sequences, often inspired by Bing’s love for the past and films.

Fabienne Meyer (aka Bings) born in 1995, lives and works in Berlin. In 2021, her work was part of MISA Artfair at König Galerie as well as an exhibition at HVW8 Galerie in Berlin.

Solo exhibition: LONGING. By Bings
Duration: 06 April 2022 to 11 May 2022

Les Nouveaux Riches Interview with Bings

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