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Olga Shapovalova. Terrarium

There are many myths about hair and its magical power, most of which are dedicated to women's hair. This is why, in a lot of cultures and religious, women have to hide or cover their hair; to tie it up or to gather it in braids.

In Russian, the word loose (fallen woman) also means loose hair – hair that is not gathered in a ponytail or braid. Using the exhibition space as a terrarium, I made a few huge braids-creatures. This is an allusion to the natural feminine power, which the patriarchy society constantly tries to tame, tie in a knot and put in a shop window.

You can check the show in Karlsplatz Showroom Red Carpet (between U1 and U4 Stations). It is open till 30 of December.

Olga Shapovalova –,