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Art Space. Rabbit Eye Movement

Rabbit Eye Movement emerged from an inner call to follow a mission. The mission to interact with the public space and with all those being active out there. Their icon – The White Rabbit – has been spreading across the streets ever since. Some call it Street Art, the REM calls it dedication to the same movement that created the agency.
Rabbit Eye Movement

Rabbit Eye Movement is the operating collective around the work and visions of artist Nychos. Founded on the streets of Austria in 2005, the movement grew into an international label (Vienna – Los Angeles). The collective is producing and distributing art prints, clothing and accessoires – especially with the designs of founder Nychos.

The Rabbit Eye Movement Art Space in 1060 Vienna (established in 2012) operates as a full time agency, shop and exhibition room. The REM is hosting and connecting local and international artists.

Stop by say hi and meet the team (as soon as the lockdown is over): Sarah and Franciska are in charge of the art space and agency, Lydia is responsible for press inquiries. Feel free to get in touch.

Gumpendorfer Str. 91, 1060 Wien

Rabbit Eye Movement