Barbara Probst Exposure #6a, N.Y.C., Central Park, 06.04.01, 2:44 p.m., 2001 Stampe inkjet ai pigmenti, 70x105 cm ciascuna Courtesy dell’artista Collezione Fondazione di Modena – FMAV

Investigate the sense of the relations at play in an image, between the subject that is represented and the author representing it. The exhibition devised and curated by the participants of the ICON 2022.

Francis Zeischegg, Home Zone. Foto: Jannis Uffrecht

Als Plattform für zeitgenössische Kunst und aktuelle Fragen künstlerischer Praxis und ihrer (Re)Präsentation widmet sich nova space in Ausstellungen und anderen experimentellen Formaten.

Solo Exhibition. Alexandra Boaru

I thought trees stood up straight… I only found out just now. They actually stand with both arms in the earth, all of them. (…) Do you know how I found out? Well, I was in a dream, and I was standing on my head… leaves were growing from my body, and roots were sprouting from my hands.

Matteo Messori & Dave Swensen, Ritual Acts. Exhibition view at Galleria Ramo, 2021

This week you could come on a journey to Como – if you aspire. I decided to visit Ritual Acts at Galleria Ramo, an exhibition that combines works and thoughts by Matteo Messori and Dave Swensen.

Performer Luca Tomasoni, inauguration day. Performance written by: Umberto Chiodi & Matteo Levaggi. Ph: Alex Iosub

On the occasion of the Art Week the Osservatorio Futura presented „MOONBOW – Over The Rainbow“, a solo exhibition by Umberto Chiodi and a performance written with Matteo Levaggi.

Giulia Poppi, Sffsssshh, 2021, installation view, Spazio Volta, Bergamo. Foto Luca Viganò

Spazio Volta has invited Giulia Poppi to propose an artwork in the upper town of Bergamo. The artist’s installation is a structure that interacts with the natural light coming from the window.

AnnArt Gallery in Bucharest.

Faking Perfection is Andrei Tudoran’s second solo show at AnnArt Gallery in Bucharest. Andrei Tudoran’s pursues this time a configuration of the exhibition combining different practices.

Srijon Chowdhury, A Still Life, 2021, Exhibition view. Courtesy the Artist and Ciaccia Levi, Paris | Photograph: Aurélien Mole

The painter sees the world, but does not understand it. Don’t listen to artists who want to explain things to you. Painters aren’t here to explain the world, but to show us how they see.

2 Eduard Angeli Barrikade 2019 Pastell auf Papier; 55 x 73 cm Euro 4000

Kunst, die Gutes tut: Engagierte Künstler*innen und Käufer*innen trugen bislang über 20 Jahre dazu bei, obdach- und wohnungslosen Menschen ein Zuhause und neue Perspektiven zu geben.

Georgia Creimer, ich bin es, ich bin es wirklich!

„Transparenz“ – ein Versprechen, mit dem Politik und Wirtschaft werben, dass jedoch nur selten eingelöst wird. Gerade der Kunstmarkt hat sich in der Grauzone des Unklaren sesshaft gemacht.

Tessa Sima

Ab 2. November zeigen wir im Rahmen der Ausstellung Tessa Sima eine feine Auswahl an Originalwerken der gleichnamigen Wiener Künstlerin. Meet the Artist: 11. November.

Olga Hopfauf - Raupe

Ab 4. November gibt es in der Galerie der Komischen Künste im Wiener MuseumsQuartier die Ausstellung „Therapeutische Cartoons“ zu sehen. Wie sieht Psychoanalyse beim Werbepsychologen aus?

Lina Sophie Stallmann & Daniel Spivakov, founders and owners of Stallmann Gallery Berlin

Stallmann is a new gallery in Charlottenburg. When you enter the gallery’s website for the first time, you get the feeling that this could be a place that has existed on the art market for a long time.

Salon Rooftop. New Galleries in London

In short, the name of the gallery summarizes the exhibition space, and represents the neutrality of the founders: it isn’t trying to build a cult personality based around the dealer.

Harmen van der Tuin, Stone Red, mixed media, 100 x 140 x 15cm, 2019

Galt das fini einer Malerei durch den Prozess der blaireautage – der finalen Bearbeitung eines Gemäldes mithilfe eines Dachspinsels zur Unsichtbarmachung der handwerklichen Spuren des Malprozesses.

neutron reggio emilia

NEUTRO 6X 240×160 /180X160 – I was walking in a sort of back-alley* under Vienna’s relatively warm weather when I received Silvia’s, one of the three-team members of NEUTRO, interview reply.

galleria umberto di marino

I was moved by a radical interest in the relationship between arts and landscape, especially through the research of young artists. This gave me the opportunity to develop multiple visions.

Orestis Mavroudis, Feelings, Exhibition view, 2021. From 27 January 2021 to 30 January 2021. Courtesy of the artist & Closing Soon. Photo: Nikos Katsaros

CLOSING SOON is located in Kato Petralona district of the Greek capital. It exists right in the middle of residential buildings, small industries, a farmer market, night clubs, and close to the fine arts school.

Tatiana Yasinek A.MORE gallery milan

Tatiana Yasinek is a Milan based gallery director and art advisor. She focuses on scouting young international artists who express their art in a powerful way and are able to attract the attention of viewers.

Ausstellung, Farbkompositionen, Philomena Pichler, März 2020

Die Produzentengalerie Wien ist eine von zehn Künstler*Innen selbst geführte Kunstgalerie, in der die Mitglieder selbst die eigenen Ausstellungsprojekte kuratieren und präsentieren.