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Solo exhibition. Markus Tozzer

We show a selection of abstract, expressive paintings that are not usually associated with Markus Tozzers publicly shown works. They all were created in an intuitive and sometimes manic manner, giving the artist an alternation to his other, more thought trough works.

Free of any portrayals or subjects, they can be simply seen as invites to fetishize painting itself. The sometimes thick junks of oil paint, intense colors, dirty and detail rich parts satisfy the artists eyes. He often compares his way of working on them to jazz-like music improvisations, mixing various kinds of materials such as acrylics, oil paint, oil pastels, as well as spray paint to create these multi-layered paintings.

Markus Tozzer studied fine arts and painting at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. He currently lives and works in Vienna at @studiowallsvienna.

Solo exhibition: A Change Is As Good As A Rest
Duration: 06. April 2021 – 18. May 2021

Interview Markus Tozzer
Thanks to Kunst ab Hinterhof