Los Angeles

Interview with Santiago Ferro

First and foremost, Santiago Ferro is an artist. Santiago also has a dual diagnosis of autism and Down syndrome. As such, art is an extremely important form of therapy for Santiago.

lindsay dawn artist

Lindsay Dawn is a Canadian contemporary artist, working primarily with paint in a figurative style that she combines with renditions of street art and surrealism. Self taught, with a deep sense of wanderlust.

Art Miami - the booth

Hijack Art is a Los Angeles based street artist breaking into the contemporary art world. He works in a wide variety of mediums ranging from oil paint to spray paint and enjoys painting on canvases and walls.

Lee Alexander McQueen/ Mind Mythos Muse

There was a time in history when uttering such words in a church would have been more than enough to convict a young woman of witchcraft. Indeed, many “witches” were convicted for much less.

Dan McCleary in his studio

Dan McCleary is a Los Angeles based artist. He has exhibited extensively in the United States and frequently travels to Oaxaca, Mexico, where he makes etchings at the Taller Sangfer.

LoserAngeles, Beverly Hills Lamborghini

Loser Angeles is a California born artist. His paintings dig into the mundane aspects of the human condition. Encouraged by death, he employs ordinary subjects to illuminate our unreckoned existence.

Ricardo Passaporte

Steve Turner is pleased to present Best In Show, a solo exhibition by Ricardo Passaporte consisting of six new paintings that depict close-up portraits of recent Westminster Kennel Dog Show winners.

Ting Jung Chen

Zwei Mal im Jahr werden die von Rudolf Schindler geplanten Mackey Apartments Schauplatz von Gruppenausstellungen (inter)nationaler Künstler und Architekten der „MAK-Schindler-Initiative“.

Karine Laval Poolscapes

Poolscapes brings together two connected bodies of work—“The Pool” (2002–05) and “Poolscapes” (2009–12)—focused on the motif of the swimming pool and realized over the course of ten years.

Tennis Fan X Stephan Wuerth

Photographer Stephan Würth has taken his passion for the sport and transformed it into Tennis Fan, a collection of black and white photographs that he took on Kodak film over the past ten years.