Artist. Rebecca Brodskis

Introducing a New Horizon for Artistic Expression. Embarking on an exciting venture, La Résidence Résiliente is proud to unveil an artist-run space in the heart of the vibrant Belle de Mai priority district.

S.MILDO is from Marseille

S.MILDO grew up in Marseille. He has been painting since 2011, initially by the practice of graffiti and then began to paint in 2014. He has been working rigorously in the studio since 2016.

exhibition Fanni Futterknecht

This exhibition is showcasing recent works of Fanni Futterknecht exploring the relation between writing, speaking and drawing. Engaging with social concepts such as the „I“ and the „We“ .

Gallery Jo Yana

Jo Yana is 35 years old, and was born in Marseille, France. Today he manages the GALLERY JO YANA. A curious man, passionate, perfectionist, lover of Beauty „Pour l’amour du Beau.“ Oscar Wilde