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S.MILDO. His mind and feelings.

S.MILDO is from Marseille. He grew up there, works and lives there. He has been painting since 2011, initially by the practice of graffiti and then began to paint in 2014. He has been working rigorously in the studio since 2016 and joined his first gallery in 2017. He finally joined the Jo Yana gallery in 2019 with whom he continues to work today.
S.MILDO is from Marseille

Practicing in the workshop allows him every day to develop and constantly evolve a work and a style of his own, he channels his emotions within a space that belongs to him. He likes to find his space and work there with his natural light, his ideas of colorimetry, shapes and movement, depending on what this environment offers him. If he had to position himself, without entering a box, he would say that he particularly likes post-graffiti abstraction, he does not like to impose and impose on himself a particular subject, to give free rein to his mind and feelings others to his work.

What experience has most influenced your work?
I would say it is certainly the fact that I realized that through painting I could create and develop a language of my own and in which I could freely express my emotions and make my subconscious speak. I like to share this with others in a way that brings out some feeling. Starting with the practice of graffiti was decisive in bringing me to the practice of the canvas, I do not forget where I come from, but I like to evolve.

S.MILDO is from Marseille

Getting out of my comfort zone is certainly the act that allows me the most to move forward and explore the facets of the practice that are available to me.

What is your creative process?
I need to be more or less in a good mood or in a mental state that is not neutral I would say. Being in immersion with my subject is essential although it can be vast. To create I use what constitutes my daily life. I do not anticipate absolutely anything, I do not simulate the result of a canvas with prior organized or structured work, I am neither organized nor in the anticipation of what I am doing, I produce this in real time. that I have in me and the emotional variations that I encounter when I paint provide the nuances and depth that I am looking for. I like to explore the techniques that I imagine, and I like not to duplicate, at least not like what I have already done. My painting is not intended to be social or political, it is just personal introspection that brings me back to the human condition in general. We live in a world where everything must be explained, justified, framed, in which we must ask for our moments of freedom, painting just offers me pure and simple freedom.

What is art for you?
For me, art is a limitless means of communication that everyone can see, interpret or express in their own way. In my opinion, this is a real power or at least one of the most powerful ways to create emotion and bond.

What is the current situation in Marseille?
If we are really talking about the current situation, then culture in the broad sense is painfully affected. Receiving people to share our work with the reality and the closeness it deserves has become complicated, but beautiful ways of fighting are emerging and giving hope that we can quickly and freely share without counting. On the scale of Marseille, which is a city with a rich future, Art is increasingly active and diversified. The city needs its artists to develop fully and create interest.

What everybody should know about Marseille?
It is a thriving and resourceful city with talent in many areas. I am sensitive to the clear weather and the atmosphere of the city, conducive for me to creation.

S.MILDO is from Marseille

Where you spend your time?
I mainly spend my time in my studio, or in the heart of the city and its surroundings, I immerse myself in Marseille, maybe travel soon.

What are you working on? Have you a planned exhibition?
Right now, I’m working hard on my solo show, it’s a very important event for me. I am presenting it with the Jo Yana gallery on May 25th and I hope to see and review a lot of.

Gallery Jo Yana, 12 place de l’archange, 13005 Marseille; Tel – +336.,