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Exhibition. Power to the unspoken

This exhibition is showcasing recent works of Fanni Futterknecht exploring the relation between writing, speaking and drawing. Engaging with social concepts such as the "I" and the "We" and their interaction, it deals with questions concerning the rhetoric of protests and demonstrations.

The video documentary work „we will not let you go“, explores subject constructions within our European society and depicts both moments of perceived commonality and the isolation of the individual. The focal questions of the project are the visualisation of intra-lingual and hierarchical power structures, dynamics and modes of expression as well as the symbolic appropriation of space and social control.

In addition, the artist is also showcasing a series of drawings that Fanni Futterknecht created in an attempt to transcribe/translate certain terms into abstract and poetic scribbles.  The exhibition aims to set a starting point for Fanni’s residency at Soma and her upcoming project researching the expression and communication of written and non-verbal language.

exhibition Fanni Futterknecht

Solo Show by Fanni Futterknecht
Duration: 17.10. 2020  – 15.11.2020

Address and Contact:
Soma Lieu d árt Hybride
55, Cours Julien