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newcube’s mission is to create a community of artists, collectors, curators, and art connoisseurs while making contemporary art accessible to all.
Studio view. Artist Pedro Ruxa
Studio view. Artist Pedro Ruxa

Envisioning an art world outside the conventional white cube, newcube sheds light on the next generation of artists on the rise. Newcube aspires to become the platform of choice for new and seasoned collectors, curators, and art enthusiasts around the world. Newcube focuses on discovering promising artists, supporting them with career development, placing them in reputable collections, and promoting their stories through curated initiatives. This innovative, tech-forward, fair, and insightful art collecting experience challenges the traditional art acquisition model, by infusing further transparency and facilitating the discovery of emerging talents. With a mission of eliminating bias, newcube’s community looks to create further diversity and unity, encouraging partnership and exchange within the art world.

Founded in 2020, newcube is an all-female team focused on supporting and promoting a promising and diverse group of artists. Newcube’s core team is comprised of Founder, Bibi Zavieh, Co-Founder, Claire Toole, Brand & Partnerships Lead, Laura Day Webb, and Content Producer, Nazgol Kashani.

Represented Artists: Newcube works with artists on the rise, giving them a voice and platform to grow their practice and connects them with other artists and key players in the global art world.

Current artists: Shantel Miller, Pedro Ruxa, Brandon Elijah Johnson, Elina Salminen, Molly Kent, Jesse Aridoux, Reihaneh Hosseini.

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