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Alexander Nefedyev Skuridin

The pigs ate eggs is a work that speaks of choice. The idea came to me from my childhood in the village. Once the pigs ran out of the barn and ate the eggs that where stored by the house. I remember it clearly. I was 10. I was so impressed that I even began to feed the eggs to the pigs and they really liked them.
Alexander Nefedyev Skuridin - PIGS ATE EGGS
Alexander Nefedyev Skuridin – PIGS ATE EGGS

The pigs choice has affected me strongly. All my works show and speak about the choice. We always make a choice. Everyone has the choice to choose oneself. His pig or his egg.

Currently exhibited at the Red Carpet Showroom Volkstheater are six paintings-sculptures of pigs made of baked clay and cement. In my artwork I choose different breeds of pigs: the boar, wild forest pig, warthog, vietnamese pig, babirus, lop-eared pig, and also a bearded pig. Every single one of them is different and unique. They live and survive on different continents. Pigs remind me of people.

Alexander Nefedyev Skuridin - PIGS ATE EGGS

We are very similar in some ways. We also eat eggs for example. Pigs are unique creatures. Like people. Like all living things. Eggs on the other hand can talk in different ways – they symbolize life, gold, ideal, fragility, tenderness, generations. And who knows. Maybe someday someone might even hatch a pig out of an egg… The work stresses out that we always have a choice. Even when you got swollowed, even then, there are always at least two exits.

Exhibition: Alexander Nefedyev Skuridin – PIGS ATE EGGS
Exhibition duration: 31.01-10.02.2022
On view: Red Carpet Art Award Showroom Volkstheater (U3 in the direction of U2 Seestadt). More Informations:

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