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ISSUE #1 „BLUMEN etc.“

Portrait painting is a mirror of our time and has played an essential role in the history of art since the beginning of artistic forms of expression. Shaped by political and social conditions and influences, it rises over the centuries to become one of the most important genres. With the invention of photography over 180 years ago, portraiture suddenly gained an overpowering competitor.

ALL $OLD OUT is our latest format creating cooperations & collaborations – striving to connect aspiring artists and designers and make their work available online & offline.

With: paints by Benjamin Nagy, C-ideo by Raphael Krisa, Poster by Simon Merz and cooking by Lukas Mraz

Opening Times: Thursday 10:30-18:00, Friday 14:00-18:00, Saturday 14:00-18:00, Sunday 14:00-18:00

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