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Exhibition. Merging the shadows

Integrating shadows is a process in which the dark side is no longer rejected, whereas accepted, integrated and then transformed. The darkness then serves as a trigger to produce more light, this is essential in the spiritual evolutionary process that humanity is going through.

Cruz Rocha continuously uses the image of the mountain as a universal symbol, representing „ascending“, that is, human evolution. The overcoming of oneself by transcending one’s own inner shadows. The dual world in which we live makes human experiences possible. Sofia Cruz Rocha’s interest in primary hermetic philosophical concepts such as duality is also reflected in her painting through the constant use of high colour contrasts exalting the differences between light and shadow. Both in the pictorial and conceptual approach, the same themes that lead the viewer to experience ascension and contrasts are addressed.

Sofia Cruz Rocha (b.1989, Mexico City) lives and works in Vienna since 2014. She studied Fine Arts at the ENPEG Esmeralda Art Academy in Mexico City and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Exhibition: Sofia Cruz Rocha – Merging the shadows
Exhibition duration: 22.10.2022 till 05.12.2022

LNR Interview with Sofia Cruz Rocha
Sofia Cruz Rocha –