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Gert Resinger. RELAX

Gert Resinger has been preoccupied with the word "RELAX" for a long time. Already in 2016, as part of his solo exhibition at the Aa Collections, he exhibited works under the title "RELAX" that contravened the term.
u bahn schottentor

For example, the artist showed a hand with a cut-off finger and the whole thing with a wink. In the Red Carpet Showroom, the message is prominent and explicit, the same time drawing attention to a consumer aesthetic. Also, in this installation, the two-fold meaning of the word is apparent from the outset – the word Relax is written in large letters while in the background, cars are burning in the video installation.

This contradiction is an allegory to the current time – on the one hand, the world is burning and on the other hand, in Austria, people try to relax in their comfort zone. Nevertheless, they are constantly driven by events. Maybe we relax too much here?? For the artist, the Schottentor subway station, where daily thousands of people pass by, seemed the best place for producing this statement. How will people deal with this installation?

Gert Resinger (b. 1984) is a Vienna-based artist. He studied painting at the University of Applied Arts in Johanna Kandl, Thomas Zipp and Henning Bohl’s class. The artist is concerned with humankind’s striving for the ideal eternal existence. But since this is not attainable for humans, one starts to imagine this existence for others. One constantly contemplates one’s imperfection and aspires to something higher. His work has been exhibited among others in Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Mexico and the USA.

u bahn schottentor

Exhibition: Gert Resinger. RELAX presented by Les Nouveaux Riches
Exhibition duration: 14.10.2022 – 31.10.2022
On view: Red Carpet Art Award Showroom Schottentor U2 1010 Vienna, Austria

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