Wien Kultur

Happiness is all about contrasts

„Happiness is all about contrasts“ the phrase I randomly heard somewhere in Moscow that totally changed my perception of the motherland. When I moved to Austria, I was honestly trying to escape from everything I didn't like in Russia at that moment.

But after living outside my home, I felt my love so deeply, I felt that even though there are still so many aspects about it I don’t understand, they feel so related to me. I stopped being so harsh about my home, stopped hating the poverty, political and social problems, the bad experience I had.

It is like having a difficult relative- sometimes you get mad, but you still love them trying to help make their life better. By means of photographs taken during my travels through the Russian cities and original poetic phrases I heard in completely different places in various circumstances I wanted to show the real face of my home, ALL sides of it which I respect and love. It is POETRY. To enhance the effect, I decided to make all the photos on exclusive films that are produced and developed only in Russia.

About the artist: Daria Marshenko moved to Vienna 3 years ago. This transition fundamentally changed her life. Because of her cultural (Russian) background, in which so many topics are a taboo, the contrast of a /liberated/ European mentality deeply impacted and helped her unfold. Marshenko’s philosophy of life, art and work are closely connected. Her works are grounded on three themes: experiments – trying to find oneself,  attention – analyzing environment, people and their problems and taboos.

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