New York Fotografie

Book. New York City. Got to know

In September 2019, the Viennese photographer Daniel, also known as Lichterwaldt, travelled to New York with his friends Linus Merlin Resch and Wenzel Kersten. As expected, they did not have enough time to really inform themselves about the city itself before departing.

So they started exploring New York almost completely unorganized and were guided only by their soul and emotions. Maybe that was the reason why they got in touch with so many multicultural people and different ways of life in the so called “Melting Pot.” Inspired by them, this photo book reflects the diversity of the city and the variety of its inhabitants. Reading guide: Start right from the beginning and continue to the end.

Look at the pictures carefully and see if you can find any important details and differences that give you special information about the background. Moreover, mind the composition of people and things arranged in the pictures.

Additional task: A picture in this book wasn‘t taken in New York. Guess which one it is. Thank you for your attention. Finally, I truly hope take your time and grow your own opinion of the issues illustrated by reading my book.

Facts about the book:
148 pages, 20 x 26 cm
Paper: 160 g/m² matt
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