Kyveli Zoi by Nicolas Melemis

After studying and working abroad she returned to Athens in 2017 where she continues to run her practice. Her work represents various perspectives of existential questioning.

Untitled ,60x90cm ,oil on canvas

A multidisciplinary artist and philosopher who is passionate in examining the creative process and the significance and context of artworks. She holds an Integrated Master in Fine and Applied Arts.

Exhibition view of "Bread and Digestifs" at Callirrhoë, Athens, 2022, photo: Alexandra Masmanidi, © Callirrhoë, Athens

I often get lost in the search for exhibitions that take place abroad. Through the platform Current Athens, I learned about the show „Bread and Digestifs“. The art space, Callirrhoë is relatively new, and when I see the pictures and the area, the place reminds me strongly of my hometown Tirana.

(Left) Orestis Mavroudis, Clap hands, 2010-2018, SD video, color-sound, 3 hours, 2 minutes, 11 seconds | (Right) Maria Friberg, No time to fall, 2001, SD video, color-sound, 5 minutes, 43 seconds

Projections is a series of screenings exploring the unexpected unfolding of minimal and fragmented narratives. The selected works use a plain yet evocative language and merge generations.

Nassia Kalamakis, still from Thief, 2021

Not being exactly sure what circumstance brought me to Nassia’s work; maybe certain melancholy, recurrent, the figurative and realism of the works, the choice of soundtrack, the female characters she selects.

Giulia Savorani, IN VITRO, 2021. Exhibition view at CLOSING SOON, Athens

CLOSING SOON presents In vitro, a solo exhibition of Giulia Savorani. Giulia’s latest installation consists of 218 used glass storage jars*. As household test tubes, these jars contain ingredients.

Chapped Lips. Eleanna Balesi.

CLOSING SOON presents Chapped lips, a exhibition of Eleanna Balesi. The most recent sculptural installations by Eleanna Balesi utilize broken and melted optical discs as structural elements.

Orestis Mavroudis, Feelings, Exhibition view, 2021. From 27 January 2021 to 30 January 2021. Courtesy of the artist & Closing Soon. Photo: Nikos Katsaros

CLOSING SOON is located in Kato Petralona district of the Greek capital. It exists right in the middle of residential buildings, small industries, a farmer market, night clubs, and close to the fine arts school.