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Tell me, how was your day?

Tell me, how was your day? Fragments of a trapped soul is a daily serie of small format photos (instax mini fujifilm) which documents and portraits my relationship with my home during the isolation days.

That relationship was intense since the office, sleeping area and kitchen are all in the same place. My body freedom was trapped for more than 2 months in less than 30 square meters, which led to repercussions in my psychological. In every photo, is mentioned the day that it was taken and a word or a sentence which describes the scene or object. Sometimes in a direct way other times subliminal and more a mirror reflecting my mental state with a touch of irony. Every picture is inside a small card box.

The small box symbolizes the house’s area limitation. The felling of being inside “shoe box”.

About Ana Loureiro:
Ana Loureiro is a visual artist living and working in Vienna since 2013. She graduated in Fine Arts – Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto University and attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna during her last graduation semester. Currently, her artistic practice focuses in the relationship between architecture and memory taking in consideration her personal experience and through a multidisciplinary approach. Her projects have been already presented in several countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Croatia and Portugal. Conciliating with her artistic activity, she is a member and curator of the non-profit collective called Mz*Baltazar’s Laboratory based in Vienna which its main focus is the intersection between art, technology and feminism.

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