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We danced to the fullest

On Friday, May 19th, we are making the last preparations to go out the night. Today is the first day of the Hyperreality Festival for Club Culture in Vienna. First, we want to enjoy the last Friday ever in Tonstube in Laimgrubengasse in the 6th district.
Hyperreality 2023 Zukunftshof

Last weekend, many people warmed up themselves before going out to our favorite place for more than ten years. Tonstube is full, and the atmosphere has birthday feelings – a nice way of saying „goodbye.“ We are waiting for one more friend. Then we are all dancing and spending time together. Saying bye to Tonstube and looking so much forward to the next place that will warm us up before the party or will be our next place to just go „for one drink.“ Bye bye Tonstube.

It is time to go; our other friends are already on the way. Zukunftshof is waiting for us, and hyperreality is already on! For the fourth time, Hyperreality is bringing together all of the most influential, emerging, and loved DJs in one place, presenting all kinds of music connected to the club circle, this time for two nights. From Naschmarkt, we are taking a cab to the festival, having a ride through the city, and enjoying the view of the big boulevard-like streets in the 10th district.

Arriving, there is an expected line; it is already after midnight. Going inside the huge complex garden and walking around, it was my first time there, and I was thinking that it would be cool if we came even earlier to chill between the trees and music. Finding friends and a lot of familiar faces, everyone is in a good mood. The night is still young. First, we are checking „the club“ stage; the room is full and hot. Running from Halle to the club for hours with breaks and talking under the open sky, more people are coming, club-inspired outfits are on everyone, and there is a lot of glitter and color around. A lot of groups crashed together. Artists, musicians, students, teachers, performers, and people who are family and friends

The act I personally enjoyed to the fullest and was dancing as crazy to was one from B2B, a duo based in Vienna, B2B is called bossschnuffi b2b yynona: Bosschnuffi is the alias of the Vienna designer, organizer, and curator Marlene Kager.¹ Their work is situated in the fields of arts and culture, especially focusing on music within club culture. And yynona, aka Winona Hudec, who is a Vienna-based designer, DJ, and co-organizer/curator. In their sets as well as in their curatorial practice, their interest lies in the hybridization of different moods, bpms, and genres, as well as the dispersal of the common separation of club, listening session, and concert.

I had an eating break and was thankful for a friend who brought the chili and tofu box. Spicyyyy.

Dance, dance, dance…


Then, also in a super-danceable act, came techno sounds with Flower Crime, aka Hannah Hansel, who was born in Frankfurt and has been based in Vienna since 2013.² Her sets are an invitation to take a trip into a hypnotic journey, hard and minimal at the same time. After her debut EP, „Kalte Fließen,“ she is currently working on her first album. Dubby vibes, hazy vocals, and twisted electronic

Running to a friend
„Are we waiting for the sun?“
„Yes, we are!“ „Just 40 more minutes!“

That passed fast; I just had a chat with a colleague and dear friend, and here is the sun! It is early morning, but we are still in the dancing mood.


… decided to take a walk to the first metro station, Neulaa, and on the way we are seeing some other Vienna, some Vienna that feels like countryside, or not even a countryside, but the side of the city that feels like home, or at least home that it was in my childhood. Shortly, we are on Stephansplatz, then on Dr.-Karl-Renner-Ring, eating kebabs with teenagers that manage the whole night in thin high heels.

I’m leaning my entry bracelet on my bathroom mirror.
See you next year!

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¹ Part of the text quoting Hyperreality’s official announcement
² Part of the text quoting Hyperreality’s official announcement