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Exhibition. Get a Load of This!

Daniel Raphael Gallery is delighted to present Get a Load of This! curated by Mollie E Barnes, an exhibition showcasing 25 international female and non-binary artists, exploring visions of the female form. The female form has been revolutionised in recent years; moving beyond gender and ideas of a ‘one size fits all’ ‘femininity’ to a more inclusive and differing visual culture.

Each artist is reflecting on form, without bowing to societal nuances to define their visions and practice. With this in mind, the exhibition explores the female form through the lens of 25 contemporary artists, all of whom present a refreshing take on themes of sexuality, nature, commodification, identity and the self. Collectively, the works transcend both gendered limitations and stereotypes often overwhelmingly prescribed by society’s male gaze. With many of the works created in isolation, they are brought together in this show as a visual conversation to represent the united concern for reform. The Gallery space provides a beating vessel for the exploration of identity, expression and embodiment, resisting many of the constant strains and pressures from society and sometimes objectification often present in the study of figuration.

Get a Load of This! explores ideas of embodiment and dualities of the self, seen in the works of Dodi King, Shipei Wang and Ariane Hughes. King’s work Fortune Teller dazzles the viewer with the notion of multidimensionality where the work honours the innate duality of humanity regarding both the physical, animal state of being as well as our potential for spiritual transcendence. It is a multifaceted celebration of feminine sexuality, eroticism, and creationism. Similarly, Wang’s Gacela of the Remembrance breaks down the multifaceted nature of identity. She invites the viewer to enter a trance-like dream state through the depiction of two characters who share a moment of intimacy – in reality, they are the product of forgotten identities swept away by the banality of daily routine.

I’m extremely excited to be opening this exhibition alongside 25 talented women and non-binary artists. Portrayal of the self is one of the core messages of this show and it goes without saying how crucial it is that male owned galleries and organisations recognise the importance of diversifying their programme. This is not only visible through gender representation but also working with artists around the world, on this occasion, including artists from South Korea, Australia and Nigeria, to North America, mainland Europe and India. – Daniel Levy, Gallery Owner.

This cumulative exploration has been curated with a fascination of both the seen and unseen in an increasingly digital and voyeuristic age. Visiting audiences are encouraged to perceive this flux between perceptions and realities in the works, and understand their place in resistance.

GET A LOAD OF THIS! Curated by Mollie E Barnes

The title of the exhibition, Get a Load of This!, has both the intention of capturing and redirecting attention to the significant gender disparity in the art world, calling attention to the artists presented, but also as a tribute to the growing fight for visual attention in the modern age. The iconic feminist artwork, The Dinner Party (1974-79) by Judy Chicago, began life, modestly, as Twenty-Five Women Who Were Eaten Alive. It is in homage to this seminal work that the Curator has invited 25 international artists to exhibit.

Exhibited artists: Caroline Absher, Chinaza Agbor, Maryam Ashkanian, Amanda Ba, Emma Currie, Cecile Davidovici, Loren Erdrich, Ariane Hughes, Ayobola Kekere-Ekun, Lily Kemp, Dodi King, Young Lim Lee, Sahara Longe, Tamara Malcher, Alexi Marshall, Rebecca Morgan, Kemi Onabule, Rithika Pandey, Beth Rodway, Rebecca Sammon, Lise Stoufflet, Shipei Wang, Mia Weiner, Chelsea Wong, Alina Zamanova

GET A LOAD OF THIS! Curated by Mollie E Barnes

About the gallery: Daniel Raphael Gallery in London is dedicated to Emerging Contemporary Art. Founded in 2016 by Daniel Levy, the exhibitions aim to be interactive, thought provoking and original. The Gallery acts as a platform for an international range of emerging and mid-career artists to establish themselves in the art world whilst focusing on talent that shows uniqueness and high-quality finish.

About the curator: Mollie E Barnes is a UK based Curator. Working in the arts since a teenager, Mollie’s practice focuses on championing voices in the art world. Understanding the clear disparity and gender gap in the art world, Mollie launched ‘She Curates (@she_curates_) a platform for championing women and non-binary voices in the arts.

Exhibition: Get a Load of This! curated by Mollie E Barnes
Exhibition duration: 1st – 31st May 2021 (open by appointment only)

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