Solo Exhibition. Alexandra Boaru

I thought trees stood up straight… I only found out just now. They actually stand with both arms in the earth, all of them. (…) Do you know how I found out? Well, I was in a dream, and I was standing on my head… leaves were growing from my body, and roots were sprouting from my hands.

AnnArt Gallery in Bucharest.

Faking Perfection is Andrei Tudoran’s second solo show at AnnArt Gallery in Bucharest. Andrei Tudoran’s pursues this time a configuration of the exhibition combining different practices.

Photographer Denise Lobont

Denise Lobont is currently living in Bucharest, Romania after a period of time studying and working in France in the fine arts and fashion industry. She graduated Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Bucharest.

(Auto)ficțiuni / MNȚRplusC

The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant launches a new space for contemporary art production, in the hall located in the basement of building B, under the Horia Bernea Studio, starting with April 6.

Tripped Black. Claudiu Lazăr

Each canvas painted by Claudiu Lazăr deposits new chimerical states that are difficult to halt. The characters / subjects come to us from the dream world, at the border of narcotic-enlightened states.

Andreea Albani Bucharest

Andreea Albani is a visual artist based in Bucharest, who worked for the last 3 years in Paris and completed her studies (BFA and MFA in Painting) at the National University of Arts in Bucharest in 2011.

Andreea Albani & Vladimir Setran

The selection is based on the creation of two artists from generations: the postwar context represented by Vladimir Setran and Andreea Albani which represents the ultra-contemporary segment of the gallery.