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Welsh painter and icon. Molly Parkin

Molly Parkin is a welsh painter and a fashion icon famous for her impeccable style and vibrant personality. Molly's significant body of work includes novels, painting and her work in the fashion sector for quite some time for publications like Nova magazine and Harpers & Queen as a fashion editor.

She was named a fashion editor of the year in 1971, nonetheless to say her vision and fast forward-thinking in regards of clothing and what women could wear was radical at the time and wasn’t left unnoticed. Pushing the boundaries between gender and silhouettes ever since.

Her choices in regards to her personal style are just as bold to this day.  Molly Parkin was one of Andy Warhol’s contemporaries in New York City and formed a part of the ’swinging 60s‘ London movement.

She remains in Chelsea to this day in her vibrant art studio where once you walk in you feel like you have entered another world, where there are no limits to colour combinations, shapes or forms. She has created her own little universe where the walls have been painted in magenta (her favourite colour that she also uses frequently in her works)and have been covered in her paintings and variety of objects.

Her sense of humour and recognisable wittiness hasn’t changed, she is at the age of 88 today and says she never felt better. For Molly the older she got the more grounded and freer she felt.

Most of her recent days she spends in her garden or in the studio painting and making her own clothing and accessories. To her creativity has no limitations and she has been producing more work than ever. The Queen awarded her a Civil List Pension for her services to the arts. Her work has been recognised and exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery, New York Art Galleries and Liberty’s window London, over the years. Molly’s new collection is exclusive to the 508 gallery. Molly is undeniably a national treasure that would leave behind an irreplaceable mark.

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508 Gallery
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