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New single. Bløm – Utopian Life

Bløm’s new release of her 4th single, Utopian Life, is out on the 10th of March 2020. The track was released by musician’s label, Nanovision Production Denmark , and its premiere was organised and recorded in Fermaten, DK, by a collaboration of artists, named ARTETRA. Utopian Life is an electronica/downtempo track which invites you to activate your body and soul. The song has its premiere as a live video from Fermaten, Herning-based venue of an audience capacity of 720 and is out on major streaming platforms.

Antosia Kwiatkowska, the person behind Bløm, is a 22-y-old musician of polish origin, currently based in Denmark. The meaning of her surname and establishment of her music brand in Denmark fructed with her stage name “Bløm”. Regardless of Bløm’s new, 1-year old music career she has already given 8 concerts with an audience up to 250 attendees. In October 2019 Bløm played as a headliner at the New Breed Festival 2019. Her new release had a premiere in the form of a live video created by ARTETRA, a group of 4 artists of different professions.

The recording was taken in Fermaten, Herning-based venue and will serve as a promotional video for the projection of QUANG’s movie during Kulturfest (11th-14th of June 2020) where Bløm will have her live act as well. Bløm is an emerging artist with a unique sound and incomparable to any other artist’s vocal. ‘ Make your music inclusive to create an exclusive experience’ is an artist’s mission. “What I undertake is to create a multi-sensorial experience that feels inviting to everyone yet creates intimacy between the listener and the feelings the music can evoke” – says the artist.

Antosia Kwiatkowska, Bløm