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Daniel Wille. Artist Statement

In art I always was seeking for the opportunity to make the viewer feel the picture as something alive, to feel the presence. But not only with the help of classical techniques, or not only with the help of it, but more through associative, subconscious or intuitive.
Daniel Wille, In the river of life, Mixed media, 56x98cm, 2020
In the river of life, Mixed media, 56x98cm, 2020

Using various objects, fabrics, textures, you can create something you can touch to change, something that is exposed to the environment, natural and aging. And that can revive the canvas.

It was always paradoxical for me to feel impressionism more alive comparing to classical realism, I found the key to this answer in Alla prima techniques emotions and admiration are instantly imprinted on the canvas.

Therefore, I try to create work as quick as possible so as not to move out to another environment. To create a good picture, you have to live it, survive it. Even if the picture is not completed, then it will provide an opportunity viewer’s imagination.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso. At recent moment I am working on a new direction „Anrealism“.

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