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Thomas Julier – Puzzle of a Maze

Puzzle of a Maze, Thomas Julier invites us to explore the artwork like a clock. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a video animation of a sphere turning in space, slowly the sphere separates into shards.
Exhibition. Puzzle of a Maze
Exhibition view. Thomas Julier – Puzzle of a Maze

The video loop is synchronized in reference to the exact moment when the video started to play. Puzzle of a Maze establishes an equilibrium of physical and virtual representations of the clockwork seen in the video animation: a selection of shards has been 3D printed in stainless steel as well as drawn with a pen by a machine. These works derive from files stored on the Interplanetary File System. They can be accessed by means of an app. This App allows for the exploration of the artwork and enables users to co-govern the artwork.

The App has been developed in collaboration with Philippe and Laurent Meyer. The Sphere has been designed in collaboration with Daniel Julier.

Exhibition: Thomas Julier – Puzzle of a Maze
Exhibition duration: November 12 – December 17, 2022

Address and contact:
The Lighthouse 
Rämistrasse 3, 5th floor 8001 Zurich