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Improper Walls. Open Call

Open Call for artists of all fields, musicians & cross-disciplinary practices. Improper Walls calls for applications on the topic IN*AUDIBLE & NON*VISUAL, which will be examined in an exhibition, performances and workshops.

All mediums and formats, scales and visions are welcome, especially AV installations and performances. The exhibition will take place at Improper Walls’ exhibition space, as well as in partner locations and public spaces. The aim of this project is to illuminate all aspects of soundwaves, across all possibilities, from warfare to sound art, from noise pollution to scientific use, from communication to music. IMPROPER WALLS aims to generate attention in order to give the audience food for thought at precisely this intersection of arts and sciences, and to make sound waves through unusual practices perceptible as a sensory experience. We already encounter the power of sounds since ancient civilizations.

The use of infrasound weapons has been discussed since the 1960s, and are currently part of standardized military and crowd control equipment worldwide. The scope of this highly political issue affects environmental and climate protection as well as basic human rights. On the other hand groundbreaking achievements in medical research and therapy have been made possible through the use of infra and ultrasound waves. Music and sound art are undisputed highlights of human culture. The open call aims to embrace multiple perspectives and approaches.

The selection will be held by the curatorial team of Improper Walls, Ale Zapata Torres and Elisabeth Hinkel, and in a second step by an external expert jury (TBA).

Start of the open call: 06 January 2021
Deadline of the open call: 21 February 2021
Announcement of selected artists: Beginning of March 2021 Exhibition and related events will take place in September/October 2021

About Improper Walls:
Improper Walls is a cultural platform and alternative space in Vienna, Austria. We curate up to 10 exhibitions a year with a focus on urban, contemporary and mixed media art. Improper Walls is run on a non-profit basis by an independant team with diverse expertise. We support artists in realizing their vision, bring art to new eyes, and create awareness around matters that intrigue us.

More informations about the open call on their website