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Project manager. Lital Megidish

Lital Megidish, a dynamic and creative woman in her 30s, graduated from the College of New Media, Tel Aviv. In her work she has two main fields of activity, as she is both project manager as well as social media promoter for projects related to the local art scene.

She puts her interest in hybridization and crossing of disciplines in the art field. At the moment, Lital is working for art organizations big as well as small to improve their digital Communication.

What is your role in the art world?
I’m am the Ilana Goor Museum social media manager and the founder of Social Art TLV community.

lital megidish interview

What is your daily routine?
I wake up in the morning and take my daughter shay-lee to school and my dog kaya for a walk, make myself a cup of coffee and I start my workday, that means that Sometimes  I’m staying at home in my pajamas, writing posts and promoting my projects and sometimes I get dressed, put my mask on and go to consultation meetings, photoshoot or something else completely.

I’m very lucky that my daily routine is very dynamic.

What experiences do you associate with art?
Art is a form of communication, it’s about sharing the way we experience the world. For me it’s therapeutic.

What is freedom in our life?
Freedom is the ability to express body, mind, and soul in different ways.

Can you tell us something about the #ART4HEART project?
#ART4HEART is a popup fundraising art sale meant to support the local Israeli art community, in collaboration with Pitchon Lev – an apolitical, nonprofit organization operating to break the cycle of inter-generational poverty in Israel. The online platform offers buyers contemporary artworks in different mediums, crafted by some of the country’s most prominent artists as well as talented, emerging creators. All artworks are available for purchase for accessible prices; the proceeds are split evenly between the artists and the NGO.

How did the idea come about?
With art galleries, fairs, and other sales events canceled or suddenly shuttered, we realized that the various creative voices in Israel will go unheard for a long period of time. So, I teamed up with the art critic Gili Sitton, and the independent curator Danielle Tzadka-Cohen in an attempt to assist our local art community, which suffered a serious blow in the wake of the coronavirus’s outbreak in Israel.