Innsbruck Kunst

Treaser. Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise is the teaser for the eponymous art performance starring artist/activist Franzine Maria. The one-shot follows the stark contrast within the expressions of our narcism. Is the relentless worshipping of our ego isolating us from our surroundings?

Are we loosing track of our origins to the point where the need for digital gratification is surpassing our consternation about a world left to ashes? Why does the peril of an ecological collapse have so little impact on our behaviour?

Directed by Blitz Opaque, Cinematography: Alex Förderer, Producer: Julia Hallasch, Sounddesign: Fabian F. Fuchs, Grading: Marcus Adam/Scanwerk, Sound Mixing: Fabian Brosi, AC: Max Grün, Hair&Makeup: Roman Klammer/Wop-Shop, Styling: Julia Hafemann

Cast: Franzine Maria, Vanessa Walch, Alexis Felten, Vincent Devens, Max Kluckner, Luna Becker, Greta Elisa Hofer, Sophia Steinberger, Chiara Fahrner

Special Thanks: Elias Elhardt, KLT-Rental, Forestry Commission Innsbruck, Maxime Dufour, Carlos Blanchard

Live Art Performance: 21.6.19 / 21.00 at Junge Talstation, Innsbruck

Franzine Maria