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LNR. Art Wall Calendar 2022

The year 2021 in short from LNR's point of view: In addition to discoveries of artists, online publications, columns and contributions, this year has again involved corporeal productions.
Fotos: Daniel Lichterwaldt

Three printed issues were published, then we were curating a group exhibition dedicated to Heady Days at Gallery Elektrohalle Rhomberg (Salzburg), produced in collaboration with Carol from Lisbon outfits for the hot summer in Vienna, and in November we were participating for the first time in an International Art Fair „THE OTHERS“ (Turin).

Philosopher Luciano Floridi has defined this hybrid where we move as Onlife. Besides the last online work (HUSH HUSH), we have decided to farewell 2021 and welcome 2022 with one last analog work, an art wall calendar. Google says: „a calendar is a chart or series of pages that show the days, weeks, and months of a particular year or give particular seasonal information.”

But who determines what a calendar looks like? Are people still not tired of imagining the seasons and months in the same usual way? (…) Why not design these pages with different perspectives, apart from the monotony of constantly recurring calendars from companies and associations. After noticing this shortcoming, we set ourselves the task of bringing such an entity to life.

We don’t like to be alone in our thinking; in this sense, we wanted to use the synergy of our outreach (artists, non-spaces, galleries from all over the world) and have managed to gain for the unique calendar fascinating artistic positions.

This Time Tomorrow. The calendar amalgamates thoughts, deliberations, and anticipations of twelve national and international artists. This Time Tomorrow has a format of 42 cm wide and 61 cm high. Photography, installation, drawing but also a few hybrid works that can not be classified. There was never a restriction on the accepted medium.

With the Art Wall Calendar we want to bring art even closer to the people and thus make a statement for contemporary art. Furthermore, we want to offer to the art scene, especially in the current situation support, inspiration and an additional stage.

Participating artists: Jovan Glušica, Nikola Markovic, Anastasya Shpagina, Jessica Comis, Daniel Lichterwaldt (COVER); Neda Nikolić (JAN), Alberto Tadiello (FEB), Lukas Leonhard Troberg (MARCH), Petra Kodym (APRIL), Chalisée Naamani (MAY), Beáta Hechtová (JUNE), Nestor Kovachev (JULY), Kristina Deska Nikolić (AUG), Lavinia Lanner (SEPT), Marko Zink (OCT), Liza Bobkova (NOV), Ines Kaufmann (DEC)

Some facts about the Art Wall Calendar:
Publisher: Les Nouveaux Riches
Language: ‎English
Spiral-bound: 14 pages
Dimensions: 42 x 61 cm
Limited Edition (200 pieces) – Price: 30 Euro + shipping.

The „This Time Tomorrow“ Calendar 2022 is now available in the LNR Shop. ⁠