Kata Martincsák

What we have taken for granted is now turned inside out. We can find ourselves in conflict with our nation, our cultural heritage, even our own habits. It is not enough to acknowledge that the other is in trouble, it is time to review our own past and cultural practices. It’s time for the silence to end and for those, who have remained silent, to speak up. 

In order to negotiate, we need to face ourselves and the past, which continues to determine our present. Those affected by conflict will not only come from war zones. Everyone who has ever walked past a historical monument or looked at a symbol of National Socialism has experienced the ghost of European conflict. Everyone who has ever walked in a city, on land, has put their foot on war. 

Kata Martincsák

Amid these Controversial Times artists  from different geographical and social-political backgrounds are ready to start a new dialogue in Linz. They propose and process experiences of war and conflict, now and in the past, to form discussions out of controversy and to understand the weight of their words. Between the individual and collective artistic contributions finding our roles and positions is not without contradictions. If our future, as we start to believe, won’t exist in the way we imagined it, we need to rebuild the utopias we have lost. The aim of this exhibition to open up a space for self-reflection on how we place ourselves in our environment and to humanize our reality.

The exhibition originally took place at Contemporary Matters Studio in January 2023, with the curation of Kata Martincsák and co-curation of Anna Weberberger, and now is show on OÖ Kunstverein. 

Exhibition: Controversial Times curated by Kata Martincsák (HUN) and co-curated by Anna Weberberger (AT) Artists: Lorenzo Iannantuoni (IT), Nikita Narder (IT), Anna Weberberger (AT), Shahrzad Khanmohammadi (IR) 19h Homeland (Szülőföld) Performance by Bíborka Janka Béres (HUN)

Date: 10.02.2023

Galerie Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein
Ursulinenhof im OÖ Kulturquartier
Landstraße 31, 4020 Linz

Freda Fiala, River Lin. Photo: Robert Maybach

Freda Fiala and River Lin are the curatorial duo of “The Non-fungible Body?” performance festival that just celebrated its inaugural edition in Linz. Congratulations on the first edition!

© Yun Chen Chang, Foto: Ida Enegren

Linz hat ein neues Performance-Festival. Das neue Format widmet sich aktuellen Entwicklungen in der Performance Kunst und wird jährlich unter internationale Künstler*innen versammeln.

georg pinteritsch

Die Auseinandersetzung mit Leere ist ein zentrales Thema in der Arbeit von Georg Pinteritsch. Seine Arbeiten kombinieren die Ästhetik und Gesten mittelalterlicher Bildwelten mit geometrischen Linien.

About Soundreaming

The project is produced through a framework of Artist-in-Residence programs at Fundació AAVC Hangar in Barcelona, Kunstnarhuset Messen in Ålvik, and Atelierhaus Salzamt in Linz.

Elisabeth Molin, a click, a wink, a nod or the blink of an eye, 2021, Installation View

Elisabeth Molin paints a multi-media picture of absence that makes you want to know more, drawing fragile cartoon bridges to artworks you encountered long ago with a set of story triggers.

Installationsansichten Einzelschau „Every Shade an Image - Katharina Gruzei“, Maerz Künstler- und Künstlerinnenvereinigung Linz, Feb/März 2021

Nach dem Lockdown öffnet in der Galerie MAERZ Katharina Gruzeis Einzelausstellung „Every Shade an Image“. Die Linzer Künstlerin präsentiert Werke, die mit der Wirkung von Licht und Schatten spielen.

Marco Prenninger

Vom Mut, unangepasst zu sein. Die wilde zeichnerische Welt des Marco Prenninger. „I am totally serious about my unseriouness“, steht neben einem seltsamen quallenartigen Wesen mit Augenbinde zu lesen.

yuma radne interview

Yuma Radne ist eine Russische Künstlerin aus Burjatien. Die 19-jährige hat an der Stieglitz Akademie Monumentale Kunst studiert und wird momentan an der Kunstuniversität Linz unterrichtet.

linzer wortanzeige

Verkauf. Liebschaften. Immobiliensuche. Klassische Werbung. Zuneigungen. Sagt uns was ihr sucht oder was ihr der Stadt mitteilen wollt. Schickt uns eure Wortanzeige für die nächste Ausgabe. Alles kostenfrei.