Düsseldorf Mode

Collection. Color Psych by Ha Vy Bui

What does color mean to you? What do you feel when you touch green, see white, smell black and taste red? These were the questions I asked myself when creating these four monochromatic looks. Color can consume you; color can drown you in its entirety; color can lift you up; color can do all these things at once or none at all.

From an airy and transparent lineament to a black structure that drags you down and swallows you alive. The pieces were inspired by the emotions colors invoke in us and physical color itself. The silhouettes are influenced by inkblots and paint splashes. Every observant can decide for themselves what each piece means, there is no right or wrong. The perception of color and shapes is meant to be individualistic.

Ha Vy Bui – www.instagram.com/HV.BUI/