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Roof top gallery. Gundula Gruber

The roof top gallery of Gundula Gruber is located in a traditional wagon driver house in the 13th district in Vienna. The old house is renovated beautifully and has a unique atmosphere like an enchanted place just to stick around.

It is supposed to be an open space, willing to initiate a vital discourse between all kinds of different opinions, points of view and argumentations. The mind setting of the gallery will never be a closed end, but always an in-between in the process of transformation. Most of all this location is a place where everyone is able to be free, where it is safe just to be who we are.

Gallery Gundula Gruber
Thomas Gegner, HERR DER SIEBEN, Collage, 60x100cm, 2020

Address and Contact:
Gallery Gundula Gruber
Schweizertalstrasse 4/1
1130 Vienna