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Notes On Togetherness

Magnets, stitches, wires, and belts are holding together the artist's installation. The jewelry she made, pearl earrings standing in pairs on a print framed and hung with the leather belt, textile flag, and magnetic earring.
Deska Deska Red Carpet Showroom Vienna

The artist in this installation plays a lot with the scale of the objects that are shown, from the very small earring in the corner to the flag that is filling the space in the middle. All the elements in the installation and symbols they are carrying are telling a story of togetherness, of how to be together and how to exist in the same space and time.

Kristina DESKA Nikolić (born 1996. in Serbia) is currently studying in Transmedia Arts Class at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Previously she studied Contemporary Clothing and New Media Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. She starts her practice with writing and then transforms the text into sculpture, objects, installations, wearable, and non-wearable garments while also experimenting with two-dimensional space.

Exhibition: Kristina DESKA Nikolić. Notes On Togetherness presented by Les Nouveaux Riches
Exhibition duration: 31.10.2022 – 15.11.2022
On view: Red Carpet Art Award Showroom Karlsplatz (between U1 and U4 Stations)

LNR Interview with Kristina DESKA Nikolić
Kristina DESKA Nikolić –

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