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Book. Spiralled by Seana Gavin

The new IDEA book is SPIRALLED by visual artist Seana Gavin. The book is an unravel back in time to the nineties, when Seana was an underage devotee of the underground rave scene. In 1994, the UK government introduced the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act that clamped down on illegal raves and other forms of ‘anti-social’ behaviour.

Sound systems such as Spiral Tribe quit Britain for Europe. Seana went with them. She lived this travelling life, kept a diary, took the pictures and then, for near on two decades, kept it under wraps. Until now. Now, in this age of sharing everything… something rarely seen.

Seana in a field, somewhere in 1995.
Seana Gavin in a field, somewhere in 1995.

SPIRALLED is a personal visual history of the fuck-the-system sound system movement of truck and caravan convoys that criss-crossed Europe staging free festivals, raves and largely peaceful parties in open fields and disused industrial buildings. An alternative lifestyle book, an exteriors book, a photobook that documents a great and largely lost freedom. In 2020, it looks like a freedom from phones, social media and zoom calls. And, of course, a freedom of movement. An expansion of time to experience and learn from travel, meeting people, dancing.

“I was lucky to have been part of a scene which gave me feelings of pure freedom and a true sense of community, which I have never experienced again. Nothing tied us down. We travelled light. We were free to roam between borders. We lived with minimal funds and shared what we had. Spiralled is a document that celebrates all of this while taking you on the winding journey through a decade of my life” Seana Gavin on Spiralled

Facts about the book:
Softcover with wraparound poster
29cm x 24cm, 192 pages
Designed by Kate Rogers and Luke Powell
Introduction: Seana Gavin
Foreword: Roderick Stanley

spiralled book by seana gavin
Cover: Comes wrapped in a folded poster cover

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Published by IDEA on June 29th 2020 in an edition of 750 copies.