They post content every day, basically a bulimic creation. The problem is that if I don’t see anything new for more than 48 hours, I go myself to see if they’ve posted anything, in case I missed it.

Gian Maria Tosatti, “History of Night and Destiny of Comets” (Storia della Notte e Destino delle Comete), Italian Pavilion at Biennale Arte 2022, curated by Eugenio Viola, Commissioner of the Italian Pavilion Onofrio Cutaia. Courtesy DGCC - MiC

When I got the opportunity to conduct this interview, I realized that i wanted to talk to the artist not only about the Biennale, but also about earlier, smallscale works such as Father (2009), Dancefloor (2009), or those Polaroid outcomes that show only the belly part of each of the women who have caused, generated (as Tosatti says) something meaningful on him (Senza Titolo (matrice), 2010-2011). The interview was conducted in June 2022.

Petra von Kazinyan. Animalia

Like animals in a cage, we become witnesses of change in our adjacent realities. Boarders are dissolving, time zones disappearing. Our self-projected images are available 24/7 while our egos deform.

INSTALLATION VIEW, AUSTRIAN PAVILION, BIENNALE ARTE 2022 Photo: Georg Petermichl © Jakob Lena Knebl and Ashley Hans Scheirl

It was William Burroughs who, in the early 1960s, in his eponymously named cut-up novel, described the human body as a ‘soft machine’, constantly besieged ‘by a vast, hungry host of parasites’.

‘Big Spoon’, film-still van melanie bonajo’s ‘When the body Says Yes’, 2022. Foto met dank aan de kunstenaar.

melanie bonajo is the artist who will represent the Netherlands at the 59th edition of the Venice Biennale in 2022. bonajo will present a new video installation in the Dutch pavilion.