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The 508 Gallery Podcast

The 508 gallery podcast dives into it with the vital and remarkable individuals who form the industry. From industry professionals to art educators and artists. Each month, we will be speaking to different guests in regards of their personal journeys through their careers and point of view on the future.

Episode 2: Chloe is best known for her circular cyanotypes; our second episode is about the photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. A conversation about bringing the 20th-century process back to life. Chloe’s website

Chloe McCarrick is an internationally recognised fine art photographer and mixed-media printmaker. From her London studio and darkroom, she creates bespoke, original and limited edition prints and gifts. Best known for her circular cyanotypes and still life photography of feathers, Chloe embraces and develops innovative ways of reworking photographic images through collage and mixed-media print techniques, and by blending science, darkroom alchemy and art. The work explores the boundless possibilities of image production in the age of modern printmaking intending to reinvent, recycle, redefine, experiment and preserve.

Chloe McCarrick
Princess Of Palaeontology Study- Unframed 148mm- Cyanotype- Chloe McCarrick

Female empowerment, natural history and science are recurring themes across the work, constructing visual narratives from the lives of extraordinary, trailblazing women – celebrating their achievements, uncovering their struggles and telling the stories of these often-unsung heroes.

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