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Ausstellung. Extended surfaces

Asta Cink and Erika Farina expand their work and bring it to a new level by creating contact points between the textile surfaces and the analog images in a joint exhibition.

In their exhibition EXTENDED SURFACES, Asta Cink and Erika Farina discourse on the perception of surfaces on the body and on the image. Through a collaborative photographic study exploring surfaces of clothing and their textures, the two use different media to talk about the relationship between motif and photography. Just as the textile surfaces are photographed and translated to an ostensibly two-dimensional layer, the surface becomes an image, the image becomes a body, the texture apparel a structure. And while the images find a body, the clothing loses the wearers.

About artists:
Erika Farina is a tailor and fashion designer based in Vienna. Asta Cink was an actress and dancer and eventually found her way to photography through performance art and now works with lens-based media.

Exhibition: Extended surfaces
Exhibition duration: 10.03 – 07.04.2021
Opening Hours: Wednesday – Friday 15 till 19h
20.03.2021 performance by Sophia Hörmann
23.03.2021 artist talk (moderator Eva Mühlbacher)

Address and contact:
Reindorfgasse 42, 1150 Wien