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Solo exhibition. Rudolf Fitz

Have you been missing the streets of Vienna? It is exactly these feelings of longing and characteristic impressions and familiar imagery that Vienna-based artist Rudolf Fitz processes in his works – at times fictitious, at times real.

Rudolf Fitz creates fictitious realities in his works, which are brought onto canvas with precision and careful attention to detail, as can be seen in his paintings of old shops, traditional lettering and lost elements of the streets of Vienna. He allows the viewers to dive into different times and places, awakening childhood memories and nostalgias. With this online exhibition we want to present you a selection of his paintings and guide you through the artist’s version of Vienna.

“Vienna is incredibly diverse, both architecturally and culturally. In my eyes, Vienna is beautiful through and through, no matter which district you are in, something always fascinates me. Of course, I am especially fascinated by old shops, but also by the preserved fonts, which unfortunately disappear almost unnoticed.” Rudolf Fitz

Solo exhibition: Vienna. Rudol Fitz
Duration: 12. December 2020 – 19 January 2021

About Rudol Fitz
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