“Anatomy Coloring Book“ illustrated & designed by NYCHOS

The “Anatomy Coloring Book” features 31 black and white illustrations by NYCHOS, which are carefully selected across the artist’s oeuvre. It comes as an upright format measuring 20,6 x 29,2 cm.

Kalina Strzalkowski ZEIN EDITIONS

Mit der ambitionierten Druckgrafikerin Kalina Strzalkowski hat Kurt Zein eine würdige Nachfolgerin für seine renommierte Druckwerkstatt gefunden. 2017 hat sie die Werkstatt übernommen.

Reihaneh Hosseini - Come In

A.MORE gallery is pleased to present Come In, a debut solo exhibition by Reihaneh Hosseini, from 1st October to 14th November 2020, as the inaugural show of the new space located in Milan.

improper walls patreon

Improper Walls – alternative space. We work on a non-profit basis and every cent helps! If you would like to show us some love with a few buckaroos we would be so extremely grateful!

laurent perbos interview

Laurent Perbos‘ artistic practice is developing through several mediums such as painting, photography, installation or even performance, but obviously sculpture remains his favorite field.

georgia creimer interview

Georgia Creimer ist 1964 in São Paulo, Brasilien geboren und dort aufgewachsen. Kurz nach ihrem Kunststudium und ihrer ersten Einzelausstellung in São Paulo ist sie 1986 nach Wien gekommen.

Mauro Martinez

For some time now, Mauro Martinez has been creating paintings on internet culture. One doesn’t immediately think about society when discussing cursed images, memes or Instagram’s blurry safety filter.


Exhibition at Grundsteingasse 8 – A Pool Full Of Yellow. August has been a long month and quite a lot has happened, even though when people ask, I seem to forget what has been so intense.


How do we define and relate to it? How does it shape our relationships with ourselves and others? By virtue of the recent pandemic, we all have an opportunity to try to answer these questions.

Violetta Ehnsperg

Violetta Ehnsperg arbeitet in den Medien Malerei, Skulptur, Mode & Bühnenbild. Die Mutter eines fünfjährigen Sohnes schöpft aus dem Vollen – sowohl, was ihre Inspiration, als auch, den Output betrifft.