Soho. Regardless, Soho is my favourite area of London with its fantastic restaurants, bars, jazz clubs, and record stores. You encounter various artists and have drinks together at any time in Soho. I love walking around Soho in the early mornings; it’s my therapy!

Café Boheme, inspired by 19th-century French poets who used to meet at the heart of Soho, in Old Campton Street, is our local meeting point with my best friends! It’s always lively with jazz, excellent food and drinks, and laughter.

Café Boheme
13 Old Compton Street
W1D 5JQ, London

Ronnie Scott’s is my favourite jazz club in Soho; you will encounter the most outstanding musicians and have an opportunity to get lost in incredible performances. It was opened by saxophonist Ronnie Scott in 1959, and I recommend a documentary based on the club and his life, ‚Ronnie’s‘, directed by Oliver Murray (2020) to experience it to the fullest.

Ronnie Scott’s
47 Frith St,
W1D 4HT, London

If you are a cinephile like me, you should visit The Regent Street Cinema, which opened in 1848 and was accepted as ‚the birthplace of British cinema‘ with its introduction to the first motion pictures.

Regent Steet Cinema
307 Regent St ,
W1B 2HW, London

I’m taking you to a very elegant bookshop, Maison Assouline, in Piccadilly. I love to check the collections, have a cocktail, and read my book in its immersive atmosphere. (Don’t bring your laptop; it’s not allowed!)

Maison Assouline
196A Piccadilly, St. James’s,
W1J 9EY, London

Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum is the largest museum in design, applied arts, and decorative arts, located in South Kensington. It recently opened its Photography Centre. I cannot wait for springtime to spend time in its iconic John Madesjski Courtyard Garden to have sunlight, be mesmerised by the unique architecture and history, and write stories.

Victoria and Albert (V & A) Museum
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL

180 Studios. This year’s favourite exhibition is UVA (United Visual Artists)’s largest, ‚Synchronicity‘ at the iconic brutalist building at 180 The Strand. The exhibition investigates the elasticity of time, the association between colour and sound frequencies, chaos theory, and mathematical precision of celestial orbits. It is a remarkable exhibition to contemplate our existence and beyond, I’d say.

180 Studios
180 Strand, Temple,
WC2R 1EA, London

Ecem Yucel is a PhD researcher, writer and artist based in London. She created an improvisational ‘Existential Manifesto’ to explore our contemporary existence.,

Jakob Würzl Foto: Daniel Lichterwaldt

Jakob Würzl, an artist, creative director and copywriter, was born in 1976 in Vienna. He graduated from the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2002 and currently resides and works in the Vienna Woods.

Seidl, Walter © aeliaandthecamera

Die beiden Kuratoren Walter Seidl und Jan Gustav Fiedler übernehmen die künstlerische Leitung der SPARK Art Fair Vienna 2024. Gemeinsam leiten sie das neu installierte Curatorial & Advisory Board.

Photo: Sander Heezen

Vica Pacheco’s practice is grounded in „experimental music“ and composition, integrating ceramic art. The ceramic pieces and installations she produces are a direct result of her musical experimentation.

Sena Başöz, Swimming Across II, 2009, video still, courtesy of the artist

A masterfully orchestrated exhibition, furthermore profoundly touching. UNFAIR GAME talks about game as an enabler of existence, but also game as as a realm filled with tactics.

avu prague artist interview

Paula Gogola is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Prague. Working predominantly in the medium of painting, her practice revolves around transfeminine positions in her queer experience.

PARALLEL EDITIONS 2023, Neuer Kunstverein Wien 1030 Wien / © Parallel Vienna

2020 wurde PARALLEL EDITIONS erfolgreich zusätzlich zur Hauptmesse PARALLEL VIENNA ins Leben gerufen. Dieses Jahr findet eine Kooperation mit der SPARK Artfair 2024 statt.

valdrin thaqi

The emptiness and desolation portrayed in Valdrin Thaqi’s paintings have always held a profound fascination for me. These artworks serve as meticulous portraits and capturing individuals.

Post it - Composition No. 2 - 2023 - Markers on paper.

Ido Gordon is a Bezalel graduate, working in Tel Aviv. His latest solo exhibition was held at Gallery II Tel Aviv. Amidst the current Israeli-Gaza war, I sat down with Gordon for a candid conversation.

ecem yücel existential manifesto

Ecem Yücel is a writer and artist. She works on an emerging structure of feeling called metamodernism and establishing its aesthetics in contemporary fiction. She narrates for LNR.

Installation view: "Dávid Szalai:Unleash Your Herd's Potential", Torula, 2023 (2019-2022) photo by Dávid Bíró

In the present time, many things are done by computer and large amounts of information are available. Meanwhile, newer technological innovations are not only transforming our perception of time.

Cruella Bobo (Teresa Eichler)

cruella bobo ist eine Künstlerin, die mit kindlich-malerischer Hand die Welt reflektiert. Die Themen ihrer Zeichnungen und Malereien erstrecken sich von tiefgründig-philosophischen Überlegungen.

kunst seeboden am millstätter see

Während eines Spaziergangs entdeckte Daniel Lichterwaldt einen Schaukasten, und schon bald war die Idee geboren, diesen das ganze Jahr über als Ausstellungsfläche zu nutzen.

Francisco Valença Vaz, Nimm, was du kriegen kannst (Take What You Can Get), Exhibition View at eborangalerie, 2023.

Humanity finds itself immersed in the colorful, vibrant, and shiny desires of consumption, which come with a hidden catch. The creed of capitalism, „Take what you can get,“ proves to be a futile call.

Bagno Popolare Bad zum Raben

Fünf Frauen aus Wissenschaft und Kunst beobachten das Ökoton. Mit Walk, Performance, Suppe, Brot, Videos, Austausch im Bad zum Raben in Baden CH. Letzte Anmeldung 18.11.23.

Do Animals go to Heaven?, 2022, Chiesa del Purgatorio, Matera. Installation view, Collezione Agovino

Collezione Agovino, born from Fabio Agovino’s love, has always had its heart in the enchanting city of Naples, a city he consistently promotes for artistic explorations. Collecting is a way of seeing.