Fishing 2021
Fishing 2021

What exactly is GORSAD KYIV? Who is behind it?
It is trio of artists, consisting of Julian, Masha and Vitya.

How do your projects come about?
If we talk about people and the subjects of our photographs, It is always different. You can meet someone just on the street or in the company of skateboarders, find some object, for example, at a flea market, and then come up with a plot for shooting. When you look at the world through the prism of your creativity, everything comes by itself.

What 3 words would you use to describe your work?
Youth, Freedom and Being yourself

What do you value most in your work?
We think these are the people we work with and who are the heroes of our photos.

What does freedom mean to you?
Now our country is reclaiming its freedom and independence, the concept of freedom has become not only liberation from any dependencies and oppression. Freedom is the right to exist for Ukrainian people now and not be absorbed by the occupier.

How are you dealing with the current situation?
The best thing is to immerse yourself in the work, so you can minimize the impact of negative thoughts.

gorsad kyiv
GORSAD KYIV – Masha, Julian, and Vitya.

What are you working on now?
We are constantly working on various projects and exhibitions. One of which we plan to implement in Vienna. We are currently in the process of creating it. This project will be an exhibition in which we would like to bring together young photographers from Austria and Ukraine.


Alejandro Cesarco, The Ongoing Story, 2022 installation view at Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milano. Ph: Lorenzo Palmieri.

Galleria Raffaella Cortese is delighted to present The Ongoing Story, Alejandro Cesarco’s third solo show with the gallery. In the artist’s own words: “The exhibition is a selection of recent works.

Fotos: Werner Streitfelder

Anlässlich des zehnjährigen Bestehens von WIEN MITTE – einem großen, innerstädtischen Hub mit Einkaufszentrum, Büros und Bahnhof – begleiteten wir eine Tour zur dort installierten Kunst.

Red Carpet Art Award Showroom Volkstheater

In suburb betrachtet Lorenz Wanker mit kritisch-ehrlichem Blick die Lebensrealität der Wiener Vorstädte und Randbezirke. Der Fokus liegt hierbei auf den oft unbemerkten Bestandteilen des Austrian Dreams.


During this three-day hybrid festival, a new generation of designers and performing artists from all over the world are given the opportunity to show their work to a broad (inter)national audience.

ECHOLOT_MOSAIQUE_Open Feedback Format

ECHOLOT ist ein transdisziplinärer Kulturverein, um auf innovative Weise der Krise zu trotzen und einen neuen Kulturort für die transdisziplinären Künste zu gründen: Das LOT!

Schreiben, Denken, Lesen: Pauline Knibbe-Klimt, Vinzenz Herkner, 2022

Durch die Arbeit in ihrem gemeinsamen Atelier namens „Im Raum“ sind sie sowohl zu guten Freund:innen geworden, als auch an gemeinsamen Kunstprojekten beschäftigt gewesen.


It is a hybrid festival where a new generation of designers and performing artists from all over the world are given the opportunity to show their work to a broad (inter)national audience.

Bipolar Feminin

Ein Versuch, sich aus toxischen Strukturen zu lösen. Ein Seefahrt-Aberglaube besagt, dass ein Seemann stirbt, wenn eine Zigarette an einer Kerze angezündet wird. Mit dieser Metapher spielt der Song Matrose.

Marco Döttlinger, Thomas Hörl, Peter Jakober, Sebastian Jobst, Peter Kozek, Alexander Martinz, Anna Resch

Ein Performativer Konzertabend. Neologismus zur Beschreibung der unmittelbaren Ausführung sowie des allgemeinen Erhalts und Weitergabe von Bräuchen und neueren gesellschaftlichen Ritualen.

Manfred Pernice – choccolé

Mai 36 Galerie is pleased to present solo show by Manfred Pernice. For about twenty years he has been making sculptures and installations that often incorporate drawings, photographs, and objects.

Lavinia Lanner. Assume form / Portal V

Bringing drawing into public space is one of Lavinia Lanner’s endeavours to make the viewers used to the analogue line again. Whereas cities are full of artificially produced visual stimuli.

Exhibition view. Poppy Jones, Interiors

In ‘Time Passes’, the middle section of Virginia Woolf’s novel To The Lighthouse, the prose tracks through the Ramsay family’s vacated summer home. The island airs survey the house.

Interview mit Richard Wurm

Der Dachauer Künstler Richard Wurm, belegte 1989 einen Kurs bei Prof. Dieter Rehm. Nach seinem Studium an der TUM, und einer Karriere als Bauingenieur, begann er 2012 mit der Malerei.

Exhibition view. Susi Gelb - LOOPZRING

What binds the natural and the artificial worlds is a thin interwoven string of artistic exploration found in Susi Gelb’s exhibition LOOPZRING. Equipped with a fascination for scientific boundaries.

Giacomo Modolo. Blaze

On the occasion of the Turin art week, CRAG Gallery presents BLAZE, a personal exhibition by the artist Giacomo Modolo. The exhibition was born from a new pictorial cycle of the young artist.

federico vecchi

My name is Federico Vecchi I am an Italian painter and sculptor based in Vienna. I am making this crowdfunding because I was chosen to participate in the prestigious artist-in-residence project Via Farini.